We recently had the opportunity to work with the fine folks at Kamakau Laboratory Public Charter School here on Oahu, to build manomano.io, a mobile-friendly web application for schools here in Hawaii to help support their efforts for using modern tools familiar to today’s youth to take part in the preservation of Hawaiian language.


In this episode, we hear Krewmates Brock Lanoza and Jason Sewell discuss some of the evaluation criteria and architecture decisions that went into creating the application, and how they got to ditching their favorite tool for one more suited for the job.

Do you go with something you know well or build for the optimal user experience?

Take a listen as they answer some of the following questions:

  • What is Inferno JS?
  • Why did we choose Inferno JS over industry and personal favorite React JS?
  • What was the developer experience like for a React JS developer working with Inferno JS?
  • What did we like about Inferno JS and what did we learn along the way?
  • Who would benefit from using a smaller library like Inferno?

We’re happy to say we were able to complete the development of manomano.io, and put it in the hands of those whose feedback mattered most. Check out what our early beta testers had to say about their user experience….and if you care what adults think, Civil Beat did an excellent write up.

Student Feedback

Overall, we loved the project, were happy with the outcome of using new technology and most importantly delivered a meaningful product that others can be proud of. Ship it!!!