Earlier this week IKEA released instructions on how to make your very own Game of Thrones Night’s Watch Capes:


But what do you do if you’re in Hawai‘i, and realizing IKEA doesn’t ship their online catalog to Hawai‘i? For years, the people of Hawai‘i have not had access to IKEA furniture from a physical location or their online store.

Fortunately, Sudokrew has partnered with Ship to Hawai‘i to develop a unique solution for our island residents to ship items from IKEA’s online catalog to our island home. Mr. Jerry Tamamoto, a partner at Ship to Hawai‘i remarked “We knew the people of Hawai‘i have been requesting this bridge for some time, and we’re just happy to serve our community with this new service.”

How does it work? How can I finally get furniture and cloaks to Hawai‘i?

The new service is simple. Visit shop.shiptohawaii.com and enter the article number into the search box, receive an instant quote, and choose your shipping options:

Winter is Coming

There’s no waiting for a bulk shipment to come in, or a need to leave your house or pick up the phone to get a quote. The amazing humans at Ship to Hawai‘i will help you with the logistics in acquiring everything for those sweet cloaks or low-cost, cleanly designed bed frames with great Kama‘aina service and prices within two weeks of your order.

Ship to Hawai‘i embarks on this new offering with the same values that have served their business for many years; treating local customers like family, but with new web technology. We couldn’t be more excited to launch this new service offering with our partners at Ship to Hawai‘i, though mostly we just needed some new shelves for the office. Try it for yourself: shop.shiptohawaii.com